VX-450 Series By Vertex Standard

The VX-450 series comes with Emergency Alert, Lone Worker Alert & Auto-Range Transpond System to ensure the safety of the user.

The VX-450 Series water-resistant radios are built to submerse up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter and it has been tested to meet military standards for ruggedness and the IP57 ingress protection standard.

Models included in this series include VX-451, VX-454 and VX-459.

The VX-454 comes with 8-Character alphanumeric display and seven programmable keys.

The VX-459 comes with 8-Character alphanumeric display and nine programmable keys.

Both the VX-459 and VX-454 radios have a massive 512-channel capacity and 32 groups to easily manage a variety of calls at the most complex job sites or plant operations. The VX-459 also includes Direct Channel Entry to punch in the channel desired from the keypad for fast navigation.

32 / 2 Groups (VX-451)
512 / 32 Groups (VX-459, VX-454)
VHF (134-174 MHz)
UHF (400-470 MHz; 450-512MHz)
Power Output
0.25 / 1 / 2.5 / 5W
Battery Life
VHF: 18.5 hours (16 hours w/o saver)
UHF: 18.0 hours (15.6 hours w/o saver)
With 2300mAh Battery
Size (mm)
109(H) x 58.5(W) x 43(D)
With 2300mAh Battery
340g with With 2300mAh Battery
Yes only for VX-454, VX-459
VX-451: No
VX-459: Yes
IP Standards
810 C, D, E, F & G
IS/ATEX Available?
Product Categories
Portable Radio, Walkie Talkie
Product Obsolete?