Over-the-head Headset By OTTO

OTTO Over-the-Head heavy duty headsets are Mil-Spec and IS/ATEX certified and deliver comfort, reliability and protection.

Microphone position can be adjusted by rotating the boom left or right.

The headsets offer a certified noise reduction rating (NRR) of 24dB and provide high clarity audio and additional hearing protection necessary for consistent, clear communication in extreme noise environments.

  • Certified noise reduction of 24dB
  • Flexible, noise-cancelling, boom microphone with replaceable windscreen
  • Comfortable, cloth-covered ear seals
Microphone Sensitivity
At 94dB SPL: -37 typical
Operating Temperature
-30° C to +75° C
Storage Temperature
-40° C to +85° C
Cable pull from ear cup and mic/PTT, axial
20 lbs
Cable pull from T module, axial
20 lbs
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