Lite-Com Pro By Peltor

  • Programmable for communication on max. 30 channels in the 430-470 MHz band
  • Approved for use in environment with danger of explosion
  • ATEX approved ( II 1 G EEx ia IIC T4)
  • Built-in active-sound function lets you hear ambient sounds; warning signals, machine sounds, conversation etc. Sudden impulse noise at harmful levels are immediately attenuated
  • An electronic voice in the receiver tells you the settings of the device
  • A cellular phone, a com. radio, or other audio source can be connected to the auxiliary input
  • Unused, Lite-Com Pro switches off automatically to save the batteries
Product Codes
MT53H7F470-50: Head Band

MT53H7P3E470-50: Helmet Attachment

MT53H7B470-50: Neck Band
IS/ATEX Available?
Product Categories
Portable Radio, Headset
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