Lite-Com Basic By Peltor

  • Communication on 8 channels in the PMR 446 MHz band
  • 38 subchannels allow several user groups to communicate without listening to other groups on the same channel
  • Electronic voice in the receiver tells you the settings of the device
  • Unused, Lite-Com Basic switches off automatically to save the batteries
  • Auxiliary input allows connection to a cellular phone or external radio
  • For safety reasons, the external system has signal priority
  • Can be connected to a CD player or FM radio to listen to news and music
Product Codes
MT53H7P3E4400: Helmet Attachment/PMR 446 MHz

MT53H7B4400: Neck Band/PMR 446 MHz

MT0H7P3E4400: Helmet Attachment/Guide Receiver 446MHz

MT0H7A4400: Head Band/Guide Receiver 446MHz
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Product Categories
Portable Radio, Headset
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