Hands Free Crane Radio System

Untether your communication with Telesources customizable Hands Free Crane Radio System: TS-CR201 / TS-CR202

The TS-CR201 comes integrated with a transceiver, microphone and PTT foot switch. This affords crane operators an unrestricted access to radio communications, while their hands are still placed on the crane controls.

Equipped with a heavy duty, nose cancelling headset, TS-CR202 provides hearing protection while ensuring crane operators remain contactable in loud noise environments.

With plug & play components, the TS-CR2 series require minimal setup for operations.

The included bracket has a flexible design, allowing users to mount the system or place it at rest position.

  • Compact system housing maximises space in restricted crane cabin
  • Stainless steel housing for strength and durability
  • Heavy duty foot-triggered push-to-talk switch for hands free utilisation
  • Flexible gooseneck microphone allows 360° precise microphone positioning
  • Custom built specifications available to meet user requirements
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