C-C400 COM-Control Unit By Savox

Savox Classic C-C400 Com-Control unit enables the use of your two-way radio in hazardous conditions.

It has been designed especially sturdy and robust for use in many different applications, as well as being water-resistant.

The extra-large Push-To-Talk button ensures transmission even when used underneath gear and protective clothing.

The extra sensitive "Mushroom Head" button gives the user an additional option for reliable operation while being worn under chemical protection suits.

Benefits include:

  • Adapts any SAVOX headset to your two-way radio
  • Extra large PTT button secures radio transmission in all situations
  • Slim design
  • Durable and water-resistant (IP55)
  • Large rotating clip
  • Integrated headset jack
76 x 17mm
120g (excluding clip)
IP Standards
4-pole quick-release jack for headset, radio-specific connector
Operating Temperature
-25 to +85°C (continuous)
Storage Operating Temperature
-25 to +63°C
Supply Voltage
2.5-10.0 vdc
IS/ATEX Available?
Product Categories
Radio Accessories